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Why Should Kids Swim

Why Should Kids Swim?

SAFETY – Knowing how to swim can save their life! Children’s Safety Network states, “nearly 900 children and adolescents ages 0 to 19 die from unintentional drowning.” Learning basic swimming and water safety skills will dramatically reduce the risk of drowning.

CHARACTER BUILDING – The challenge of overcoming fear will build valuable confidence that will transfer to other areas of their life. If they choose to compete, the objective measurement of progression, by the clock, will allow them to track their success based on their performance, not what others think of their performance.

EXERCISE – Your child’s lungs, muscle flexibility, stamina, and heart will all be challenged and improved. They will work against the resistance of the water but avoid the potential adverse effects of weight-bearing sports on their growth plates.

LIFELONG SPORT – Swimming is an activity and a sport an individual can enjoy their entire life, regardless of age and physical limitations.  8 Olympic sports require you to know how to swim: swimming, open water swimming, triathlon, water polo, artistic swimming/synchro, pentathlon, surfing, and diving! Besides those, think of all the other sports where knowing how to swim can play a vital role: canoeing, kayaking, CrossFit, scuba, and paddle boarding!

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS – If your child ever imagines joining the military, being on a rescue team as a firefighter or police officer, or being a lifeguard (one of the most lucrative jobs for high school students), they will need to know how to swim!

Swimming isn’t just for cooling off in the summer or plunging into a polar bear swim on January 1st; swimming is for life!