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Adult Swim Lessons
Ages 18+
30 Minute Sessions - $45

Adult Learn to Swim / Swim Lessons – The Best Way to Learn to Swim 18+

Whether you’re an adult beginner dipping your toe into the pool for the first time, working to overcome a fear of water; or you are determined to conquer bilateral, rotary breathing for freestyle or the daunting butterfly stroke; wish to improve your overall swim skills so you can add swimming to your regular fitness routine; or you need more advanced swim skills to be able to complete the swim leg of a triathlon, instructors at Swim Tech can help you achieve your goals!

Our swimming instructors specialize in one-on-one lessons; as with all Swim Tech lessons, our instructors customize each lesson to meet your specific goals. Best of all, Swim Tech’s quiet, indoor facility provides a distraction-free environment so that you can work on your swimming in comfort and privacy.

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