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Teen Swim Lessons
13 – 18 years old
30-Minute Sessions - $45

Teen Learn to Swim / Swim Lessons – The Best Way to Learn to Swim

Swim Tech provides swim lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced teenage students. If your older kid or teen does not know how to swim, then private lessons are not only a good idea; they can be the best option to help your teen pick up the basics of this vital life skill. Whether your child has a fear of water or hasn’t had the chance to learn to swim, water safety is a skill that should not be delayed any longer. Finding a learn-to-swim program that offers classes geared to tweens and teens, separate from younger, elementary school-age children, can be difficult. Navigating life as a teenager can be hard enough. There’s a high likelihood your tween or teen could find themself in a situation where knowing how to swim is crucial – pool parties, water parks, and trips to the lake or beach are all everyday activities, and learning how to swim drastically reduces the very real risk of drowning.

Some teens may feel embarrassed about the fact that they don’t already know how to swim. This embarrassment can be so intense it becomes challenging to learn entirely. Our one-on-one lessons can be highly successful for non-swimmer teens: a quiet facility, no audience, no one else in the pool except your teen, and Swim Tech’s qualified instructor.

The sooner a teen who doesn’t know how to swim gets into the water with a Swim Tech instructor, the better. Don’t think of that time as swim lessons; think of it the same way you would when seeking a tutor for your child struggling with a school subject.

For teens already skilled in swimming basics, private instruction with a Swim Tech coach can provide an excellent way to go from a beginner swimmer to team-ready, whether that be swim team, water polo, or artistic swimming. Intermediate private lessons will include developing proper mechanics and techniques of the four competitive strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Learning these strokes can be challenging as they don’t necessarily feel intuitive. But, for a teen looking to join a swim team, working knowledge of these strokes is a must, and even if competition swimming isn’t their goal, being able to perform all four strokes will prove beneficial in other aquatic sports. While a teen will get some instruction on how to do these swimming strokes from a swim team coach, private swim lesson instruction enables them to focus on specific stroke elements, building a solid foundation for correct technique in all strokes.

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