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“Every Child a Swimmer”

The International Swimming Hall of Fame established the Every Child a Swimmer program to empower every child with life-saving swimming skills and create a culture of water safety awareness. The ECAS program, in collaboration with the Florida Swimming Pool Association and FL SWIMS, offers learn-to-swim scholarships to support SwimTech Gainesville’s “Every Child a Swimmer” program.

The goal is to have every child become a swimmer and water-safe.

Applicants will be notified of their status via e-mail within 14 days after receiving their application. If accepted, your swimmer will receive ten private 30-minute 1:1 swim lessons at SwimTech Gainesville free of charge. Approved swimmers will receive a unique code (only to be used for that swimmer) to schedule. All ten lessons must be scheduled within two months of acceptance into the program. Parents / Guardians / Caregivers must sign the SwimTech Gainesville liability waiver online before the first lesson. Lessons can be booked as soon as your child has received their code. Please attempt to book with the same instructor for all ten sessions. 

*Swim Tech Gainesville has been offered this scholarship for up to 11 young swimmers.

Parents/ Guardians / Caregivers must be able to commit to this requirement.

Accepting entry to the program would require the recipients to prioritize the swim lessons. It is essential to complete all scheduled lessons to ensure your child receives the maximum water safety benefit that these lessons can provide.

Parents / Guardians / Caregivers must notify the instructor more than 24 hours in advance if they cannot attend a lesson (for a reschedule).

***11/11 Claimed for October 2023 as of Sept 30th, 08:34 AM

Children who are currently enrolled at one of the following schools / programs will be given priority to this program:

Alachua Elementary
Boulware Springs Charter School
C.W. Norton Elementary
East Side High School
Foster Elementary
Idylwild Elementary
Lake Forest Elementary
Lincoln Middle School
Mebane Middle School
Metcalf Elementary
Rawlings Elementary

*Any child a member of Partnership for Strong Families