Professional Technical Stroke Work

Swim Tech offers advanced swim instruction to competitive swimmers, water polo, and triathlete athletes looking to improve their stroke. Swimmers seeking stroke refinement and technique improvement are in the right place. Swim Tech has competitive swim coaches available to provide one-to-one analysis and instruction for you or your swimmer.

Swim Tech has an ideal environment with a multi-camera setup, allowing the coach and the swimmer to see their stroke from various viewpoints. Videos review can be viewed by both the swimmer and their primary swim team coach, creating a unified coaching team and giving swimmers consistent stroke instruction and feedback. With one-on-one instruction, our coaches will work on every aspect of a stroke, from body/head position to arm stroke, kick, and timing. Swim Tech coaches focus on the skills and techniques that most need attention. Consistent repetition is key to improving swimming techniques. Swim Tech’s unique facility lets swimmers perform that repetition without the fatiguing aspect of multiple laps.

Book your Professional Technical Stroke Work session:

Each instructor has a scheduling tool on their page. It will allow you to book your session online. If you have questions before booking, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.