Professional Technical Stroke Work

Swim Tech offers advanced swim instruction to competitive swimmers, water polo, and triathlete athletes looking to improve their stroke. Swimmers seeking stroke refinement and technique improvement are in the right place. Swim Tech has competitive swim coaches available to provide one-to-one analysis and instruction for you or your swimmer.

Swim Tech has an ideal environment with a multi-camera setup, allowing the coach and the swimmer to see their stroke from various viewpoints. Videos review can be viewed by both the swimmer and their primary swim team coach, creating a unified coaching team and giving swimmers consistent stroke instruction and feedback. With one-on-one instruction, our coaches will work on every aspect of a stroke, from body/head position to arm stroke, kick, and timing. Swim Tech coaches focus on the skills and techniques that most need attention. Consistent repetition is key to improving swimming techniques. Swim Tech’s unique facility lets swimmers perform that repetition without the fatiguing aspect of multiple laps.

Private Swim Lessons


Our indoor endless pool is heated to 85-90°, an ideal temperature for teaching. Our pool and facility are thoroughly cleaned daily to ensure a clean, healthy environment for your success.  At Swim Tech, we teach in all kinds of weather; being indoors means no cold/hot/inclement weather issues. You will be safe from the Florida sun with no need for sunscreen. Our facility is designed for very low distractions, ensuring you get the attention you need and deserve.


All students learn to swim in a comfortable environment, but safety is our priority. We ensure safety during lessons while ensuring our students learn how to be safer in water by providing them with all the basic skills they need. Swim Tech also has a video & audio feed to a monitor in our waiting area, letting parents clearly and discreetly observe their child’s lesson. Our instructors are CPR/First Aid/AED, and Safe Sport certified.


Our coaches follow a progressive method that makes learning fun, reducing stress and fear. With private lessons, our instructors go at your child’s pace, moving on to the next step or skill only when they are ready.


Parent’s (and children’s) schedules are busy, and it’s often a struggle to fit in swimming lessons. Traditional swim lesson programs follow a set, rigid schedule by design and necessity. At Swim Tech, our instructors are available at various times, weekdays and weekends, providing lessons at a time convenient for you with no weather delays/cancellations.